Friday, May 25, 2012


Simplicity 5914, pattern cover

I actually finished this skirt a couple of months ago. But I was rather optimistic measurement-wise at the time, and it ended up being little on the tight side at that point. Fortunately, it fits better now, so I can finally share it with you! The skirt is Simplicity 5914, view B.
Simplicity 5914, front view with shirt tucked in

I cut a size 16 and made no alterations. I think I would be a little happier if maybe I had used slightly narrower seams (1/2" instead of 5/8") to give myself a bit of extra room, as the fit is still a little snug-- but it is definitely wearable now (especially if I don't tuck in my shirt!). I wouldn't normally wear it with the top tucked in like this, but I thought it would be friendly to show the waist.

Simplicity 5914, back view

The fabric is a quilting cotton from Daiwabo. I just love this print! I actually used a different colorway of this same print as one of the block backgrounds in "The Bunny Quilt."

This is the third time I've made this skirt. A few years ago, I made views A and F. So I really love this pattern! (And I want to make it again-- another long one!) The only change I made in making this version is that I used an invisible zipper. I really love the clean look it provides. I used a friendly tutorial from to guide me. With every invisible zipper I do, I'm getting better at installing them... still not perfect, but I'm getting there! But I had a little boo-boo after I put in the zipper. I realized I hadn't finished the cut edges of the fabric. So I tried to finish the edges with my serger even though the zipper was already installed (so the outside edge was very narrow). This was an unwise decision. I serged a hole in my fabric. Gah!!!!

The zipper was in. I had no extra fabric. So I decided to machine darn over the hole and see if that would work. Lucky for me, the print is such that the repair barely shows. Phew!

Shirt untucked now. Ahhhh.... much better!


  1. cute! I bought a black skirt that is flared like that at the bottom. I like that style.

  2. Really cute skirt, I love the shape of it. Good job on the repair.

  3. the skirt looks great! and the added 'charachter' can be hidden with a shirt! so it is not really there! LOL added bonus glad to hear you are still on a wieght loss track!! Congrats girl!!

  4. Nice job on the skirt! I've got some fabric coming in the mail this week for a couple new ones for my summer wardrobe!

  5. I love it and grats on the weight loss!