Saturday, May 5, 2012

Little Bear is TWO!

Last week Little Bear turned two. Crazy! How does it go by so fast? My goodness. We celebrated his special day with a family party. And there was, of course, some crafty goodness involved.


birthday cupcakes

Vanilla Bean Cupcakes with Vanilla Bean Frosting to be specific (recipe from How Sweet it Is) decorated with dark chocolate M&Ms (because LB is a budding chocoholic). They tasted amazing! I especially LOVED the frosting. The cupcake itself was a little on the dry side, but had great flavor. Little Bear definitely enjoyed them!

cupcakes are yummy!

Like mama, he did seem partial to the frosting.

The festivities also included opening lots of presents, including a few made by mama.

First up was a quilted playmat.

front of quilted panel playmat

I found this canvas panel when I was on shop hop a few weeks ago. As both Big Bear and Little Bear are fanatics of things that go (particularly cars and trains), I had to pick it up. The panel is a Clothworks design by Richard Neuman called "Choo Choo You."

back of quilted playmat

I spent about four hours quilting it-- lots of stippling and outline stitching. This is the back, so you can maybe get a better idea of the amount of quilting on there. It was a simple project, but not quick. I am really happy with how it turned out, as were the Bears.

Big Bear and Little Bear play together on the new playmat.

They spend part of every day playing on it-- building lego houses, racing cars and trains, and creating elaborate adventure stories. It is so much fun to watch them play!

I also made a flannel pillowcase and a pair of comfy pajama bottoms.

A matching pajama bottom and pillowcase set

The pajama pants are Kwik Sew 3126 (which I have made before for Big Bear). I shortened them by 1-3/4" and also cut them to allow me to do a contrasting band at the bottom of the legs (I didn't have enough of either fabric to do a full pair, so I adapted it to allow me to use what I had left of each).

Little Bear, wearing his new pj pants, plays on his playmat.

Little Bear loves his new comfy pants and they fit perfectly (yay!). Unfortunately, he is not a fan of the pillowcase. Every night when we put him in the crib, the first thing he does is pull the edge of the flannel back to expose the pillow inside. Then he sleeps on the bare pillow. Doh! So, a non-flannel pillowcase for him has been added to the queue. But not to worry, Big Bear is perfectly happy with the flannel one-- so it is definitely getting used!

The day after his birthday, we went to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.

Mama and Little Bear at the Tulip Festival

I love this picture of us. Happy birthday, Little Bear!


  1. Happy Birthday. Little Bear! I can't believe how fast the time has gone. That means I am two years older too. {Gulp}

  2. 2 already! goodness! he is a cutie and I would be eating the frosting first too.
    What a fun little play mate.
    Oh, that photo of you and little bear is so sweet.
    Happy Birthday to a big boy.

  3. Oh, they are both getting so big! Happy Birthday Little Bear!!

  4. Wow! 2?????????????
    Soon you'll have teenagers...

  5. That is an amazing picture of both of you :-)
    Who does not love flannel? Lol, at least you know now.