Friday, November 7, 2008

Quilt Festival: Shopping

It would be very difficult to come out of the International Quilt Festival without buying at least something. For me, I don't think it is even in the realm of possibility. The shopping options are just beyond belief... hundreds of different booths offer everything a quilter could desire. Check out Anina's photos... they'll kind of give you an idea of the scale involved.

In any case, of course I came back with some quilty booty:

Quilt Fest booty
The photo may not show it, but I exercised a lot of self restraint. Really!

I bought many patterns, mostly for baby/child quilts. They were way too cute to pass up and all were from designers/companies that were new to me. From Lee Brown I bought the cute applique kitty pattern (no Web site, but they're a British pattern company that offers many amazing and wonderful designs). Mary's Patterns had a very cute dinosaur quilt pattern I just had to have. Thimble Art offers really nifty dimensional quilt patterns that you really need to see in person to appreciate (I bought their dinosaur and jungle animal patterns). From Little Country Quilts I picked up a baby bib pattern with lots of cute applique options as well as a book, Quilts, Bibs, Blankies...Oh My!) with lots of wonderful nursery projects.

Really, only a little bit of fabric made it into the mix... unless you count my BIG splurge: a kit for the Playtime Quilt from American Jane Patterns. I saw this quilt online a few months ago, and have been pining for it ever since. When I saw it all packaged up and good to go in a spiffy kit, there was no hesitation: I immediately whipped out the charge card. My plan is to work on it over the course of a year like a block-of-the-month. I'm going to start in January (assuming I can wait that long!). And then there is the other kit I bought. But we won't talk about that one, because it is a secret surprise for someone special (shhhh!).

Also in the mix is a set of Micron Pigma Pens (which I have not been able to find anywhere locally) and a little fabric kit to make a Cynthia England pattern that I bought a few years ago (I am hoping the fabric kit will help motivate me to actually make it). Not pictured are the two thimbles and the wool batting I purchased. There you have it. Full disclosure!

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