Saturday, August 23, 2014

A KwikSew skirt!

I finished this skirt, KwikSew 3513, last weekend:

KwikSew 3513, front view

This is View A, the longest version using a poly/rayon blend interlock from purchased in 2011. (Woo! More stash usage!). I just love the color.

KwikSew 3513, back view

I made it in a size Small(!!!). Here's the thing: the sizing on this is whackadoodle. Thankfully, reading the reviews of the skirt on prepared me for this and helped me make an informed sizing choice.

KwikSew 3513, finished waist measurements as printed on pattern

I looked at the pattern piece for more information, pictured above. As an example, my waist is about 32" which would put me in the Large sizing according to the envelope. But then I looked at the finished waist measurement for the Large and saw it was 35.5". This skirt has no elastic and is dependent on the stretch of the fabric to hold it up. If there is no elastic, I'd be swimming in it at the waist, and it might just pull itself off with the weight of the skirt. So I went ahead and chose a size that had negative ease, meaning it would finish smaller than my waist, so the fabric would have to stretch to fit and thus provide the resistance needed to stay up. I picked the Small, which finishes at 28.5", and it resulted in a good fit for me.

KwikSew 3513, untucked view

I LOVE it. It went together quickly and easily. I chose not to hem it because I didn't want to lose any length, and I like the flowy-ness of the skirt without the weight a hem would add. I've already worn it twice!

I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the perfect striped fabric (I'm just feeling the stripes lately!) to make another one of these skirts!


  1. You look great Robin! Cute skirt!

  2. Wow! Soon you'll have a whole wardrobe full of lovely things you made for yourself. I love this one.

  3. Great looking skirt. Good job on the fitting.