Thursday, August 14, 2014

Prepping patterns

Inspired by my recent dress success, I'm finding I want to sew some more clothes (and use more stash!). I've prepped some patterns and am hoping to cut fabric for these projects today:
    Plan for StyleArc Ann-T

  • StyleArc Ann-T. I am so excited to try a StyleArc pattern and this one looks like it could potentially be a wardrobe staple (and it is available for free right now if you sign up for their mailing list)! This is going to be a (hopefully) wearable muslin to test it out before I go and buy the fabric I really want. Here's hopin' it works!

  • Plan for Vogue 1351

  • Vogue 1351-- a pretty cowl-neck dress. I bought this fabric from in 2011 kind of on a whim, and am finally feeling inspired to use it. But, I have to admit, I am also feeling a bit intimidated by this one. It is a pattern designed for a woven, but I'm using a knit (which seems fine-- I've looked at many reviews and it seems that is kind of the norm on this one)-- and I'm concerned about making sure I stabilize everything the right way. Clear elastic? Stay tape? Knit stay tape? Applying said stabilizers? Neckline. Shoulders. Waistline??? It is a rabbit hole, I tell you! Sigh... totally overthinking it. I just need to get in there and do it.

  • Plan for Kwik Sew 3513

  • Kwik Sew 3513-- I've been wanting a flowy knit skirt for quite some time. I ran across this pattern over the weekend and decided I needed to give it a go.
It is a random collection to be sure (no "Sewing With A Plan" here!), but they are all pieces I'm feelin' at the moment. So maybe that means I'll actually get them made.


  1. Hi Robin, I've made that Kwik Sew skirt. It's super comfortable and a quick make. You'll love it. I should make a few more! I have one in black ITY that is a wardrobe workhorse!

  2. I know you will create some beauties. That blue for your skirt is really pretty.