Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pillow frenzy!

It seems I have fallen off the blogging bandwagon. It's not that I don't want to blog. But it seems that it has just dropped a little further down the priority list for me lately. Also, when I am working on the same project for big chunks of time, I kind of feel like I don't have a lot of new and interesting things to share. I spent the last two weeks very focused on quilting and finishing "The Bunny Quilt" (my name for the Hop to It quilt by Edyta Sitar). It was a lot of me sitting at my machine. Happily, that is done and it is now (as we speak!) hanging in the Stray Threads Quilt Guild's biennial show. Woo hoo! (I'll be sharing pictures of the finished quilt soon-- I'm hoping to get a picture of it at the show to share.) If you're in the area, the show goes through tomorrow, April 15th-- come by and see the quilts in person!

Anyway, I thought I'd ease myself back into the blogging spirit by sharing some recent Personalized Name Pillows (a fabulous pattern by Kimberbell Kids) that I've made. In February, our preschool held a silent auction fundraiser and I donated a customized name pillow. There was actually a bit of a bidding war! So much so, the fundraising chair asked me if I'd be willing to do two, so both bidders could win (and the school could earn that much more money!). Of course, I agreed.

For the first auction pillow, mama requested pink, purple, and green, "but not too girly." LOL! This is what I came up with (and, fortunately, mama and Taylor both loved it!):

Taylor pillow collage

The second pillow was left up to me to decide. I used the Alexander Henry car print as my color inspiration:

Sawyer pillow collage

And there have also been some birthday gifts. A pillow for Calvin (who is totally into Star Wars right now, thus the black, starry background):

Calvin pillow collage

One for Paige:

Paige pillow collage

And one for Claire:

Claire pillow collage

Phew! Despite the fact that I am nearing pillow-burn-out, the pillows have been so well received from each recipient (boys and girls alike!) that I have no doubt I'll be making more in the future as well. I just hope I get a little bit of a break before I start another.


  1. I can't wait to see your finished quilt. Those pillows are adorable. You got pillow fever.

  2. Hooray for blogging and pillowing, and a BIG congrats on having three quilts in a show! I worship at your feet, you do-it-all-woman!

  3. That is a lot of pillows and they are all so cute :)