Monday, April 16, 2012

Quilt show!

The Stray Threads Hollywood Encore Quilt Show was this past weekend. Stray Threads is my quilt guild, which means I got to participate in the show! I entered three quilts:

"Forest Canopy":

Forest Canopy quilt hanging at the show

I had to add a ginormous sleeve (88" long), but it was totally worth it to see this one hanging. Many thanks to my father-in-law who let me borrow the quilt to hang in the show!

"Autumn House":

There's me and Little Bear. Big Bear was there as well, but he wasn't feeling well and was disinclined to pose for the camera.

Lastly, "The Bunny Quilt":

Me and my Hop to It quilt

Pardon the weird lighting in the picture-- the quilt was hanging right in front of a window. This one was finished just in the nick of time! I'll be sharing more about this finish soon.

Seeing my quilts hanging in the show was awesome. There were some amazing quilts there, and it was truly a privilege to have my quilts hanging right there with them.


  1. They look so great hanging up in the show. You should be so proud of yourself. They are all so beautiful.

  2. Congrats!! What an accomplishment!

  3. Robin, they are all just exquisite and it has to feel good to see them all hanging together. There is a lot of work involved in your quilts.

    You look fantastic, too!

  4. The quilts look great! (Holy bat man is Little Bear getting big!!)

  5. Congrats - they look great! Can't wait to see more of the Bunny Quilt!

  6. Of COURSE they're hanging with the others because you're one amazing quilter, my friend! Congratulations!

  7. Awesome!! I so wanted to go to see your quilts but it just did not work out :(

  8. The Autumn one is still my favorite!! Very cool. And, you look great!!! :)

  9. Good for you Robin, all so lovely and great photo of you and Little Bear!