Monday, August 22, 2011

A new skirt...

Simplicity 3754 pattern coverLast week I made a skirt. And it fits! And I feel good when I wear it! The pattern is Simplicity 3754. I made view E.

Simplicity 3754, view E, front view
I pretty much just followed the instructions to the letter. They were clear and easy to follow (I was a little surprised that even the zipper instructions made sense to me, and worked like a charm).

Simplicity 3754, view E, pocket facing close-up
I did make a couple of minimal changes, including shortening the skirt by 2 inches, doing a button instead of a hook closure, and using a different fabric for the pocket facings (shown in the picture above). For the facings, I wanted something a little lighter-weight than the stretch twill, and the leftover fabric from my shirt was perfect for the job.

Simplicity 3754, view E, back view
If I were to make this one again (and I think I will-- I really like the simple, straight-skirt style and the pockets), I would probably:
  • Omit the pocket binding. It is heavy and pulls some, and I think it would look cleaner if I instead turned the pocket facing and topstitched.
  • Add a couple more belt loops. I think having another on either side, placed between the side seam and the back carriers, would make belt-wearing a little more practical.

Simplicity 3754, view E, side view
I am already planning to make another version for fall from a black corduroy that I have sitting in my stash. This pattern is a keeper!


  1. Wow! It does not look homemade at all and it looks amazing on you.

  2. Wow, Robin! That fits you perfectly and is very polished looking. I love your pocket facing.

  3. Wow! That is a great pattern and your skirt looks so professional! Nice job!

  4. I'm impressed! That looks great.

  5. I say (because I had someone who would fit my clothes to me at one time) the only thing that makes it look homemade is the fact that it fits you to a tee!! It is beautiful!! And oh the endless possibilities with that nice basic pattern!

  6. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I wish I could sew clothes! It looks like a skirt I just saw at the mall, except I like your color choice better!

  7. Cute! It will be cute in corduroy too.