Monday, August 1, 2011

Vacation shop hopping

When we went on our vacation to the peninsula a couple weeks ago, we stopped at a few quilt shops along the way. It was like a mini shop hop! We visited four different shops:
  • The Kingston Quilt Shop,in Kingston, WA, is a friendly store right next to the ferry terminal.
  • The Quilted Strait, in Port Gamble, WA, offered a beautiful array of contemporary designers and Japanese import fabrics.
  • Karen's Sewing Center, in Sequim, WA, is a Bernina dealer and has a nice selection of popular fabric lines. The owner was super friendly and welcoming, too!
  • Sleepy Valley Quilt Company, in Port Angeles, WA, was my favorite of the bunch. They offer a range of fabric styles, from reproduction to modern, as well as a lovely selection of stitcheries and wool.
It was a ton of fun seeing some new-to-me quilt shops, and of course I managed to come away with some fun new stuff:

vacation loot
Pretty fabric, a book, a pattern, and a wool pincushion kit (I'm addicted!). Yay!

And, lest you think it was all about the quilting, we also managed to take some fun hikes in the area, including a visit to Hurricane Ridge in the Olympic National Park. GORGEOUS!!! Holy cow. Truly, it was mind-blowing. A friendly couple even offered to take a picture of us:

the Zabacks on Hurricane Ridge
Big Bear loved the snow!

It was a fun getaway for everyone. I can't wait until we can do it again!


  1. Nice souvenirs!
    Great family picture. Snow in summer. :)

  2. It is so hard to think about snow right now! We are having a crazy hot summer here in IL temps have been over 100 with heat index for almost a week straight with no end in sight! I think I need to visit those mountains and get a piece of the snow! Oh, the fun prizes you picked up! Can't wait to see them done!!

  3. You got great fabrics! I really like the swirly looking one in the bottom right hand of the photo. What line is it? I may have to get some! Also, did you bring back any snow with you you could send down to Georgia? It is H-O-T hot down here and I would love to face plant into crisp white snow!

  4. Awesome! That was so nice of them to take a pic of all of you. I don't know about you but family pictures or even pictures of just my husband and I are rare.

  5. wow, you were up high to be in snow. fun!