Monday, July 11, 2011


Yay! All the time spent fitting paid off. I have a happy new top now:

S3697 complete, front view
This is view F of Simplicity 3697. The biggest change I made from my third muslin was to go from the two outside pleats to a single inverted box pleat in the center (I used this tutorial at BurdaStyle as a guide). I think it looks very clean and is more figure-flattering than the pair of pleats. I also chopped 3" from the bottom to shorten it up a little bit and added a modesty panel (because that V was just a little too low).

S3697 complete, inside view of bodice finishing
The pattern instructions were very easy to follow and seemed pretty well written. No head-scratching moments at all. But I did make a change to the band facing. The method described in the instructions would result in an exposed seam between the band and the bodice (as shown in the diagram above). Since there is a facing there, doing that made no sense to me. So I enclosed the upper seam in the facing as well. So much cleaner.

S3697 complete, back view
The fit still isn't perfect. I think I spent so much time focused on the front, I kind of failed to address the back. It isn't bad, but I think it could fit better. I think I may need a broad back adjustment. I'll have to experiment and see what I can do to loosen it up a little back there. I definitely plan to make this top again (it has been suggested to me that it could also be a very cute dress as well with some added length), so the time spent fitting is certainly worth it to me.

S3697 complete, side view
I've always wanted to have a top like this, but have never been able to find a ready-to-wear one that even comes close to fitting (they are either tents or boob-crushers or a bit of both...). So I'm thrilled that I was able to make this pattern work for me.
S3697 complete, full front view

I'm still feeling the sewing mojo... now to decide what to do next!


  1. congrats on making it work! I completely understand about trouble with ready-to-wear. Almost every shirt I own is knit because of fit.

  2. You did good!!! Very, very nice!

  3. Hurray! And it looks just wonderful on you, Robin! It is very flattering and I really like the shorter length. The best part is that now that you've made one that worked, you can make more so much easier.

  4. Very nice! The girls are very well complimented! I understand fully the tent or crusher issue!! You have inspired me!! hhmmmm maybe I can... In the mean time I love the final results!!

  5. Fabulous! It looks great on you. Love the fabric you used.

  6. Cute top...I don't think I would of had the patience as you have...a great job!

  7. So cute!! you look fantastic!

  8. You did it! Great job! I do like the change to the one pleat in front. Great idea. It will make a very cute dress. Maybe something in Amy Butler.
    I might make the tie a little longer too if you make another.

  9. That's a fantastic top! I wish I had more patience with sewing because it's evident that patience makes perfect -- all your muslins certainly paid off.