Thursday, June 2, 2011

Meet Bitty Bunny

This last weekend was a really productive one for me. Somehow I found myself getting lots of time in the quilt mines. Yay! One of the things I worked on was getting caught up on my Shabby Fabrics Pincushion Club kits.

Meet Bitty Bunny:

Bitty Bunny!
This cute little fellow is from Bunny Hill Designs.

Bitty Bunny, side view
Shabby Fabrics put together a great little kit that included everything but the stuffing (they even included the little thimble). The pattern instructions were clear and easy to follow and he was surprisingly quick to put together. Though I will say that turning those tiny little limbs right-side-out and stuffing them was kind of challenging. Sewing the limbs on was kind of hard too. Since I didn't have any long doll needles, I had to make due with my short, stumpy ones, which involved lots of finger jabbing (and a couple of broken needles)... not so fun. I also got to refamiliarize myself with my hot glue gun to attach the fabric to the thimble and then the thimble to the bunny paws. Glue is messy. But-- Bitty Bunny seems to have survived the process.

Bitty Bunny, front view
So cute!


  1. That really came out so cute.

  2. What a cute pincushion! I may have to find time to make one myself just to have so I could look at it. I'll have to check into these kits!

  3. Adorable! You find the neatest patterns and projects to make!

  4. Oh that is so cute! And made of pink houndstooth just really is adorable.

  5. Oh wow! How awesome is that!

  6. so freakin' cute! I love the button detail on the shoulders

  7. Yes, Bitty Bunny is so cute. That is why I hesitate working with animals. Turning those legs. Ugh! Good job.

  8. So cute! When I first saw it I thought it was a stuffed animal but it being a pin cushion is way cooler.