Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fresh picked!

I'm still catching up with my Shabby Fabrics Pincushion Club offerings. In April, they sent a super cute kit that included the "Picked Daily" pattern from Susie C. Shore Designs and enough fabric to make three pincushions.

happy little flower pincushions
These were quick and easy, so I made all three! Nothing tricky with these at all-- the pattern was clear and straightforward. Though it instructs you to use a glue gun at a couple of points (which I did), the project is definitely do-able without any special tools. A needle and thread would work just as well as glue (though it would go more slowly).

wrist pincushion
The kit only included what was needed for three regular pincushions. But since I had the additional supplies (a bit of elastic and a 2-1/2" strip of fabric) in my stash, I went ahead and turned one of the flowers into a wrist pincushion.

If you're interested, I noticed that Shabby Fabrics still has some kits available.


  1. Almost look to pretty to use don't they!!

  2. These are soo cute. I love the fabric on the one with the blue ric-rac detail and yellow center.

  3. Those really are cute and I especially love the one you made into a wrist band. How handy!

  4. Spring time in your sewing room. Very cute.

  5. I love how you took a picture of them in your yard!