Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy pincushion!

I recently completed the first project in the Shabby Fabrics Pincushion Club, the Love Pinwheel Pastry by Sandra Workman of Pine Mountain Designs.

Love Pinwheel Pastry pincushion, side view
It is a HUGE pincushion! It could act as a doorstop. But I love it!

The kit that Shabby Fabrics put together was great. It included everything but the crushed walnut filling (which I found at a local feed store). The cake stand it is sitting on once belonged to my Grandma Francis. I love that cake stand. I need to find a smaller one to use as my pincushion's permanent home (because it really does deserve to sit on a pedestal!).

Love Pinwheel Pastry pincushion, top view
I'm pretty slow at embroidery so it took a few nights of stitching, but by the end I felt like my skills were definitely improved. And I just love all of the embroidery details. Pretty, pretty! The pattern was great because in addition to providing clear, step-by-step instructions, it also included how-to diagrams for all of the required stitches. Both convenient and helpful!

Love Pinwheel Pastry pincushion, yet another view
Yay for my new happy pincushion!


  1. Great pincushion. I like small projects with lots of detail.

  2. Oooh neat! I like the combination of embroidery and patchwork.

  3. too cute! I think your embroidery skills are great :)