Friday, February 27, 2009

Feelin' Kitty!

With a name inspired by the song "Feeling Groovy" by Simon & Garfunkel (I'm not sure why that song was running through my head, but there it was), I present to you my completed challenge quilt, Feelin' Kitty!

Feelin' Kitty completed front
Not the best pictures... it was finally sunny outside and I wanted to take advantage of it, but the shadows got the better of me.

another front view
It feels really good to get this project finished! It's not my best work, but I learned so much from doing it.

It forced me to be really creative... remember, it started like this:

ufo in a bag
In addition to the challenges in using the chenille bits and strips, I also got to work with lots of other materials/textures in making this quilt, including minkee, micro-fleece, woven suede, corduroy, satin, flannel-backed satin, and cotton flannel. Combining all of them was both fun and challenging.

texture details
It definitely stretched my quilting skills. Quilting it, with its backing of flannel-backed satin, was definitely adventure. I would have thought it would be slippery, but really, it took some serious force to get it to move around. My arms got very tired.

Feelin' Kitty back view
I love how much texture the quilting added to back! I went with a big curvy stipple, in large part because I wanted to try and use the quilting to help stabilize the chenille (which easily pulls apart and sheds). But the quilting is far from perfect. Part of it, I attribute to the fact that I couldn't actually see where I was quilting. The quilting was completely invisible in the chenille areas. So I ended up crossing over previous stitching a bunch of times. On the bright side, it's not like anyone will be able to tell except from the back. Another issue was that I didn't do enough basting. It really needed more pinning to stabilize it and prevent some of the little folds I got.

quilting detail
I also had my first real experience with bias binding. The quilt didn't need bias binding, but since I was having to cut bias strips for the piped border, I went ahead and cut the binding strips at the same time. It worked out really well, and I think the little extra stretch/ease from the bias helped make working with the satin a little easier.

Feelin' Kitty label
And, finally, the label.

Overall, I'm feeling pretty happy with it. As per the rules of the challenge, I get to determine the fate of the finished quilt. Initially, I thought I might donate it. But, what with the instability of the chenille, I'm really afraid the quilt isn't going to hold up to much use. So I don't feel comfortable donating it or giving it away. But, my son loves touching the fabrics and snuggling with it, so I think it will have a good home here.

The big challenge "reveals" will be at the March guild meeting, next week. I'm really excited to see what everyone has done, and in particular, what became of my UFO contribution! Hopefully, I'll be able to get some pictures.


  1. You must feel great to achieved your challenge. It looks great and I love the piping and the binding. I know your son will probably claim that as his "blankie" with all that soft and silky fabric.

  2. That is so cute! You did wonders with what you had to start with. Impressive.