Monday, April 13, 2015

V8961 - Vegas dress!

On my Vegas trip, my friends and I did the "Sin City Club Crawl" party bus. Quite the experience! This is what I wore (including the shoes, which I was kind of regretting by the end of the night... considering it was a party bus, there was a lot of walking involved!):

V8961, front view

This is Vogue 8961, View B. I cut a size 16. The fabric is "Metallic Glitter Stretch Slinky Knit Black/Violet Pink" (ha! that's a mouthful!) from This fabric just kind of begged for a disco-mama kind of dress, and this pattern's silhouette really seemed to fit the bill.

V8961, back view

Alterations included lengthening the bodice by 1.5" and shortening the skirt by 1". Because of the thinness of the fabric, I went ahead and lined the skirt as well.

V8961, side view

Construction-wise, I pretty much just followed the directions (which were very straightforward and easy to follow), but added in a couple of additional steps. I stabilized the shoulder seams with some nylon stay tape, and added knit stay tape around the neckline ("Extremely Fine Fusible" from SewKeysE). Because the fabric was knit (the pattern is actually designed for a woven), I used a knit stitch throughout and I finished the skirt hems with my coverstitch machine.

V8961, neck topstitching detail

In addition, I went ahead and topstitched the neck facings, because I just envisioned lots of floppiness otherwise.

V8961, sleeve detail collage

I like the gathered sleeve detail on this dress, and am happy with how clean it looks on the inside as well.

This dress was easy to put together, very comfy to wear and it totally met my disco-mama vision. I call it a WIN!

Finally, here's a flash picture, so you can get an idea of the sparkleliciousness:

V8961, sparkle view

Woo! Sparkle!


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you! It was such fun to wear... I might have to put it on for my next bookgroup meeting! :)

  2. perfect sparkly dress for Vega. Oh, yeah, heels and walking, no fun but you look great!

    1. Thanks, Carrie! It is such a fun dress to wear. And, the shoes look soooo good with it-- it was worth the pain. :)