Thursday, April 23, 2015

More sparkle!!! M6752

Apparently, I was totally feelin' the sparkle for my recent trip to Las Vegas, because in addition to the sequin top and sparkle dress, I made this:

M6752, and another front view... I really like this top

The top is McCall's 6752, view A. I love the style and shape of the top and dig the zipper detail. The kimono sleeves seemed like a great fit for the fabric as well (less stripe matching!). The fabric is a 100% polyester jersey knit from

M6752, front view

I cut a size 16. My only alteration was to lengthen the bodice 1.5".

M6752, back view

The instructions were very straightforward. I did add a couple steps (as I have been wont to do lately with knits):
  • Used knit stay tap along the back neck edge.
  • Stabilized the shoulders with nylon stay tape.

M6752, zipper detail

I attempted to match the stripes on either side of the zipper. It kind of worked. I particularly love the zipper detail. It is something just a little different and it gives the top a bit of edge. I dig it! I can totally see myself making this top again at some point.

The skirt I've paired the top with here is Kwik Sew 3765, which I made back in 2012. Love this skirt!

M6752, another front view

Chevron sparkle, FTW!!!


  1. I have been thinking of trying this top again! Really love your version!!!

    1. I had to go check your blog to see! That orange fabric was gorgeous-- it sucks that it didn't work for you. But truly, I love how mine turned out (on the hunt for a heathered charcoal to make another!). So it might be worth re-visiting. :)

    2. Oooo!!! And this was one of your Fashionista challenges too! I didn't even recognize it with the paired fabrics. So cool!

    3. Thanks! I realized I had just cut the initial one (orange) too large. I had only been sewing a few months when I tried it. I am totally gonna make this top! :)