Saturday, February 21, 2015

Skill building

As a gift to myself last Christmas, I signed up for a Block-of-the-Month at a local quilt shop, Gathering Fabric. They are offering a beautiful rendition of the Moda Modern Building Blocks quilt as their Saturday Sampler this year.

I was all hyped to get going when I picked up my first packet. But after making the first block, I realized this project was going to be a test of my skills!

Moda Modern Building Block, block 8, with my wonky edges highlighed... a whole 1/2-inch too small

My finished block ended up a full 1/2" smaller than it was supposed to. You can see my issue(s) highlighted in the photo above. Gah!!! But-- it was a good eye-opener. This pattern is truly a skill builder, enforcing the importance of accuracy while piecing. There is very little room for error. I think I have been spoiled by the patterns I have been using lately-- relatively simple blocks, lots of "trimming down" to size as you go and whatnot. My piecing skills have definitely gotten a bit rusty (lazy).

With accuracy in mind, I finally dove into my second block paying very careful attention to seam allowances:

Moda Modern Building Block, block 12

Woo! And it is the right size! *happy dance*

Now I'm going to give that first block a do-over. I want to get it right!

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