Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Evening clutch

Another day, another Noodlehead Gathered Clutch! I'm thinking that should be my new motto. I do seem to make a lot of these. Truly, this design is awesomesauce fun!

Noodlehead Gathered Clutch, black and burgundy collage

This time around I went with a faux suede-textured fabric (leftover from a Halloween costume made a few years ago) for the outer and some pretty metallic burgundy cotton for the accents.

Noodlehead Gathered Clutch, back of flower pin

I also decided to add a bit of frill with a fabric flower pin. I purchased the "Gathered Petal Flowers" downloadable pattern from M.E.H. Designs on Etsy. The pattern is straightforward, but is not particularly detailed and assumes some sewing knowledge, and it kind of leaves a lot to the imagination in terms of finishing. While I'm not sure I would recommend the pattern, I gotta say-- it did result in a pretty spiffy looking flower. I made the flower entirely by hand and it ended up taking me close to an hour-and-a-half to complete (about twice as long as constructing the actual pouch did). But it was definitely worth it-- I think it totally takes this clutch to another level.

Noodlehead Gathered Clutch, flower pin detail

So fancy!

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  1. I have had that pattern earmarked for the longest time. I love yours especially with the flower.