Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014: Venipede!

Video games are the hotness at our house! Both boys wanted to go as video game characters, Little Bear as a Baby Beefalo from the game "Don't Starve" and Big Bear as a Venipede, a type of Pokémon:

Venipede image

While the baby beefalo felt rather straight-forward, it took some time for me to wrap my brain around this insectoid creature.

Venipede front, side, and back views collage

For the main body, I went with old standby Kwik Sew 2711 in a size M. But because I didn't want a back opening (since there were the green carapace bits on the back), I used Kwik Sew 3099 to guide me on doing a front zip opening. Worked like a charm!

From that point, there was lots of customization:
  • Did some color-blocking on the back and arms and machine appliqued the circles onto the back shoulders.
  • The hood I created was influenced by a fabulous hat by StephyDesigns. There was a lot of color-blocking in the hood itself. I handstitched the stuffed antennae. The eyeballs were created with 2.5" styrofoam balls that I cut in half. I then used glue to cover them with fleece and handstitched them to the hood as well.
  • The carapace pieces on the back were each filled with foam cut to fit and then machine stitched to the back. I did some handstitching inbetween the pieces to hold them together vertically.
  • I pieced together the tail and then stuffed it using a combination of decorator foam cut to size as well as polyfil stuffing. After it was inserted in the back I handstitched it to the bottom carapace to stabilize it and keep it pointing outward
  • The "legs" (the fin-like things on the arms and legs of the costume) were filled with decorator foam (helped them to stand away from the body nicely, without too much flopping about).

Phew! Thankfully, all of the work paid off. Big Bear LOVED his costume.

Venipede in battle stance

The Venipede is ready to battle! (And trick-or-treat!)

Baby Beefalo and Venipede, ready to trick-or-treat!

The boys had an awesome Halloween with LOTS of candy goodness! Yay, for Halloween costume fun!

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  1. What a great Mommy! Now... how are you gonna top that next year!! ;0) LOL