Friday, November 21, 2014

Easily distracted

It has been kind of a quiet week thus far here in the quilt mines. I managed to baste two small wallhangings-- so hopefully, I'll manage to start quilting (finishing!) something soon. But not yet! Once again, I find myself distracted by something fun and new. Woo!

In my blog-reading travels I ran across a relatively recent sampler quilt along from Sea Breeze Quilts. She is calling it the "Chocolate Marshmallow Sampler." The way this one works, she is posting two blocks each month. They are available for free for one month on her blog. After that free month, the blocks become available for purchase as instant downloads in her etsy shop. At this point, there are six blocks, with blocks 1-4 available for purchase and 5-6 accessible on her blog until mid-December. There will be a total of twelve blocks for the quilt. I do enjoy samplers, and the timing just seemed right, so I ended up going to her etsy shop to purchase the first set of blocks and I pieced them together over the last couple of days:

picture of blocks 1 and 2 for my Sea Breeze Quilts quilt along

I've decided to go with greens and browns. I have a lot of greens in my stash, and this seemed like it might be a fun way to utilize some of them. I've pulled a few fabrics, but I've decided I'm going to kind of pick and choose on a block-by-block basis to keep it fun and interesting. We'll see where it takes me...

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