Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wedding quilts-a-rama!

Wow. It has been awhile since I've updated. However, I can't say as there has been much crafting of which to speak. Getting into the back-to-school groove has pretty much left me wiped out in the evening with no energy to do anything crafty. But the juices and motivation are finally starting to flow again. Here's hoping that crafting is on the rise!

So, you remember that wedding quilt I was so concerned about finishing before the wedding? Yeah. That didn't happen. I'm still working at it. But-- there has been progress!

wedding quilt in progress

The center is pieced! Yay! The next step is borders. Hopefully, I'll manage to cut them out later today.

And, speaking of wedding quilts, I have another deadline coming up. When my husband and I got married, in lieu of a guest book, I set out fabric and fabric pens for our guests. I designed a quilt. I actually put together a good chunk of that quilt. But I somehow got sidetracked and never actually finished. It is not too far away from completion-- it just needs a couple more borders.

Robin and Keith's wedding quilt in progress

October 26th marks our 10-year wedding anniversary. So it is time. I want to finish it.


  1. I started and didn't finish my daughters wedding quilt either. Didn't think I would with 6 weeks notice. So now I am aiming for their one year anniversary, next June. :D

  2. both wedding quilts are so pretty.
    Congrats on your anniversary coming up. That is awesome!

  3. Oh that is so beautiful! I loge the subtle colours! Cant wait to see you finish it! Youncan ddo it!

  4. What a great wedding quilt. I am sure the happy couple can wait, it will be worth it.

    Well, I guess ten years is a great time to finish your special quilt too. LOL

  5. That is such a cool idea for a wedding quilt.+