Tuesday, August 28, 2012

New project time!

It's a busy time here at our house. Summer is winding down. Last week we took our family vacation, and next week I'm going to be doing my first-ever half-marathon(!) and school starts up for Big Bear (Kindergarten!). Then Little Bear starts preschool the following week. I'm excited, but it is definitely going to take a little bit of time to adjust to the new schedule.

We're attending a wedding in mid-September, and I really (really!) want to make a quilt for the happy couple. I actually purchased fabric for it last month, but haven't been able to get going on it until now. Nothing like a little last-minute crafting to get one's juices flowing! Frankly, at this point, it is much more likely they will be receiving a quilt I.O.U. than a finished quilt-- but I'm gonna give it a go. :)

9-Patch Pizzazz
Inspired by a fabric from my stash (purchased many, many years ago), I've decided to create a quilt based on designs in the book, 9-Patch Pizzazz: Fast, Fun & Finished in a Day by Judy Sisneros.

The book features smaller projects, wall and lap-sized designs. Since I know I want to make a bedsize quilt, I have created a plan based on the designs in the book.
planned layout for wedding quilt

The inspiration/main fabric is pictured below on the left, with the coordinating fabrics that I purchased last month on the right.
wedding quilt fabrics
I may or may not use all of them, I'm just gonna have to see how it goes.

Yesterday, I did all my cutting. Hopefully today I can start sewing!


  1. Summer can be a busy time but it sounds like you are having a good one. Oh, my goodness! Kindergarten already. What are you going to do with your self with the boys at school? Oh, I know make that quilt. :)

  2. Looks like an awesome plan! I can't wait to see how it comes together!

  3. It has to feel a little strange to think of having a few moments to yourself this fall, but once you adapt, you will love it!

    Good luck with your half marathon! I did one in Feb. and it wasn't nearly as bad as I expected.

  4. Seriously - over there where it says "About Me," it should totally say, "I'm Wonderwoman." Don't know how you do everything you do!!! Love those fabrics, btw :-)

  5. I know your quilt will be a cherished gift. Congrats on the Half-Marathon!!

  6. I love the fabrics you picked!

  7. I find I work better if I have a deadline good luck can't wait to see it!