Monday, February 27, 2012

A new project!

A couple of weeks ago, I celebrated my 38th birthday. Woo! And there were presents. Double woo! The one I am most excited about though is this one:

floss and wool kits from Raspberry Rabbits

My husband ordered the wool and Valdani floss kits for me from The Raspberry Rabbits shop so that I can participate in their new (free!) block-of-the-month program, Harrington and Hannah! After taking a wonderful wool applique class last fall, I've had my eye out for projects that incorporate wool, and this is one that I'm really excited about. The first two blocks have been posted so far, and they are so cute!

I immediately got to work on my first block, and put the finishing touches on it today:

my first completed Harrington and Hannah block

This is a little different from the techniques I learned for wool applique in my class. This project suggests fusible web and a running stitch. I found it challenging (especially on the layered areas) to actually stitch all the way through the background fabric (the wool is thick!). Hopefully I caught the background fabric sufficiently that the pieces will all be secure. Between the stitches and the fusible web, it's probably fine. In wool applique quilts, does one usually quilt over the wool too? I'll need to start paying attention to the quilting when I see wool quilts in shows/shops.

I'm looking forward to block two!


  1. How fun! Very cute design. Can't wait to see the next blocks you show!

  2. We are both Feb birthday girls. Happy belated birthday.
    How sweet of your hubby.
    I just finished #2. I am not using the fusible because I thought it would be hard to stitch through too. Mine seems to be fine.
    I don't think you have to quilt through the wool unless you have some really big pieces that might sag. If you are using the fusible I wouldn't think you have to do any quilting at all.
    Don't forget to add yours to the flickr group.

  3. I have been working on the first two blocks at the same time. I did not buy the kits from Raspberry rabbits because I decided to pick out colors that I wanted to coordinate with a room. Your first block looks great. I have one arm on my snowman that went crooked because I did not try and trace those on and cannot decide whether to leave or unstitch and do over. I think I will leave and have him be a little wonky.

  4. First Happy Birthday! Second LOVE the little rabbits! And Third Can you bottle up some of your Hubby and share with the rest of the group?? LOL My Honeyman not such a great giftgiver! (like the Kindle he bought me last year that I am lucky if I pull out once a week... to play a game on!)

  5. Gorgeous! You do such amazing work! I cant wait to see it all finished! It is going to be so cute!

  6. Your husband knows what to get you that is so cute :)