Sunday, March 27, 2011

A couple of small projects

Over the last week, I completed a couple of small projects.

First up was a pillow for a wonderful friend. She watches Little Bear for me for a couple of hours each week on my workday at Big Bear's preschool. She found a pillow at Target that she really liked and I took inspiration from it to create this:

Stacey pillow, front and back
The prints are both from Lakehouse Dry Goods. I especially love the ric-rac trim:

ric rac detail
I think it turned out pretty cute, and my friend really seemed to like it!

The other project this week was a Betz White Reversible Bucket Hat for Big Bear.

Big Bear in bucket hat
Denim on one side and cotton on the other (a cute print from the Toy Poodle collection by Kinkame). I actually cut it out last summer, and only just now got to putting it together-- just in time for this summer! I don't know why it took me so long to get around to it as it was super quick and easy to put together (especially since I've done it before). I really like this pattern (and still plan on making one for me someday!).

Both of these projects were in the queue for quite awhile, and it feels good to have finally completed them!


  1. Love the ric-rac edge on the pillow and love that hat. Esp. how it would keep your ears from getting sunburned.

  2. I am so glad you shared that link to the hat pattern again. I remember when you posted before and I wanted to make one and forgot all about it. Now I just need to make it before the sun starts coming!

  3. Great idea for the pillow, reversible.
    Big Bear looks great in his new hat.