Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Summer heat and a hat

With all of the hot weather we've been having, not a lot of crafting is going on (as I'm finding it hard to get motivated to stitch while dripping sweat). But along with the sunshine came the need for a hat for LB. So I got to work.

boy in hat
Here he is modeling his new hat. I made it using Betz White's Reversible Bucket Hat pattern which is a simple, fun design that is really quick and easy to put together (just be sure to use lots of pins). I used the Alexander Henry mini zoo print for one side and a solid khaki twill on the reverse. This is an XS and it is still a little large for LB, but I figure he'll grow into it. So far it has been working pretty well as generally when we're outside, he's in the baby carrier (I love my Ergo!), and he's positioned such that the carrier helps keep the hat in place. I may still add some straps to help keep it on his head though (for those windy days).

jaunty hat boy
Here he is again, just because. I call this his Indiana Jones look.

I'm looking forward to making a couple more hats soon, one for BB (which is all cut and ready to sew) and one for me!


  1. What a cutie and a great hat!

  2. Ah, so Cute! I have been looking for a hat pattern and think this is perfect. Thanks for the link :-)

  3. That is ridiculously cute! I want one!!!!!

  4. He's already looking like he's growing up fast. What a little doll and the hat is cute, too!

    Just got your map block and I am crazy about it!

  5. Cute hat! He looks so much like his big brother.

  6. Too cute, both the boy and the hat. I like your new photo on your profile.

  7. That's a great hat pattern and dosen't he look good in it.