Thursday, July 22, 2010

One Thing, One Week Challenge :: 1

Have you heard about Amy's challenge to all of us over at Amy's Creative Side?

One Week One Thing Challenge button

I love this idea! A couple of weeks ago, I posted my list of priorities. Since then I've managed to cross nothing off my list. I'm hoping that breaking down the list a little will help me progress. One step at a time, right?

So-- my one thing for this week? Prairie points for my Pinwheel Party quilt! I finished up the top and seeing it all together makes me think that prairie points along the outside edge will look really fun with all of the pointy pinwheels in the quilt. I've done the math. I should have enough extra fabric. So, my hope is to get them all cut, pressed, and basted in place by next Tuesday.

One thing... I can do it!


  1. I love this idea too! Whenever I get overwhelmed, I always just say "one step at a time..."

  2. I think each prairie point is worth one week! It's a great idea.