Friday, October 1, 2010

Pinwheel Flowers

Quilted? Check! Edges finished? Check! Label? Check!

My Pinwheel Party Quilt Along quilt, "Pinwheel Flowers," is complete. Woo hoo!!!

Pinwheel Flowers quilting detail
I started by quilting arcs inside each of the pinwheels. This was actually really challenging for me as my presser foot kept getting hung up in the center of the pinwheels (where there was a lot of bulk). So they aren't as neat and tidy and consistent as I would have liked, but after tearing out a number of attempts, I finally just decided to persevere. I'm really happy that I decided to go for it.

Pinwheel Flowers quilting detail 2
In the colored squares, I did some free-motion flowers. Then I stippled all of the background up to the outermost border. All of the colored areas are quilted in variegated thread (King Tut #916, "Mummy's Dearest") and the background stipple is in white (Mettler #2, 40 weight). I just love all of the wonderful texture resulting from the stippling.

Pinwheel Flowers border quilting detail
After I finished all of the edges, I went back and did a little flower vine in the final border area in the same variegated thread that I used in the colored areas of the quilt. I had thought about just continuing the stipple, but decided that the flowers had a little more fun and whimsy to them. I used the variegated thread so the vine would stand out on the white background. It is not perfect, but I think the little flower vine turned out pretty cute.

Here's the label and a little peek at the backing fabric. The backing is nothing special, just something I pulled from my stash. It doesn't exactly match the front, but I think it works well enough.

Pinwheel Flowers hanging
It is a very bright and happy looking quilt! Mmmm... prairie points. Love 'em!

Many, many thanks to the fabulous Anina for hosting this wonderful quilt along. It is such a fun design and was a lot of fun to make. I'm really looking forward to giving this one to baby Abigail. I think she and her mama are going to love it.


  1. WOW!!!!! It't beautiful! I love the border. Lucky little girl!

  2. This is my favorite Pinwheel quilt i have seen. You did a fantastic job in it.

  3. it looks great!! You're re-inspiring me to do a pinwheel quilt!

  4. What a gorgeous finish and a fresh, delightful quilt. Congratulations on a wonderful finish.

  5. It is just gorgeous! I can't believe you are giving it away. The recipients are going to go crazy for it. You are amazing to get this done with a toddler and baby.

  6. It is fabulous! You did a great job on the quilting and the prairie points are just perfect for that quilt. Well done.

  7. So, so nice! Love the prairie points!

  8. It looks fantastic! The quilting is really wonderful. Congrats on getting it done - I loved watching all the steps along the way, too.

  9. This turned out really cute and they are going to love it. I love pinwheels and the prairie points work really well with them.

  10. Beautiful. Pinwheels and prairie points are happy things. The quilting is fantastic.