Monday, October 25, 2010

One Thing, One Week Challenge :: 4 Success!

Amy's Creative Side

I'm not quite done yet-- but I've accomplished enough that I think I can call this week's challenge a success.

The challenge: COSTUMES!

I finished Big Bear's costume, and have nearly completed Little Bear's (just needs hemming and buttons).

Here is BB's:

Kwik Sew 2711
BB wanted to be a "blue kitty" this year. Well-- it is definitely blue! He tried it on this morning and loves it! Yay!

I'm afraid I don't have time to share much more at the moment. But I plan on writing a more detailed post about the costume later (once I have a little more time to sit at the computer).

Also-- today is the last day to enter my giveaway! I'll announce the winner tomorrow. Woo hoo!


  1. congrats on your finished challenge! What a cute blue kitty!

  2. That's adorable!!! I can't wait to see him in it.

  3. That's cute, Robin! I hope it helps him bring in good candy rewards!

  4. You have your priorities straight...quilting and sewing first, especially if there is a time issue...Great costume.

  5. I love the idea and the costume is super cute!

  6. Congratulations on completing your challenge project Robin!

  7. That *is* a very blue kitty! Lol. It's also very cute, too--congrats on meeting your challenge. I'm sure BB is thrilled with it! :-)