Sunday, May 15, 2016

A pair of Jenna Cardis

Also left unblogged in 2015 were a couple iterations of the Muse Patterns Jenna Cardi.

Jenna version 1, wearing with top two buttons undone

The first one, completed in early December was from a hatchi sweater knit purchased from awhile back.

Jenna version 1, button placement

This print makes me so happy. My only regret: I wish I had used some sparkly buttons. There is gold threading through the fabric, and some crystaline buttons would bring that element out a little more and look so fun! If I run across the right buttons, I may still change 'em up.

Jenna version 1, back view

I made Variation A, the hip length with long sleeves. Alterations included:
  • 1" FBA, after which I removed the darts by following Maria Denmark's "How to: Removing Bust Darts from a Pattern."
  • Shortened sleeves 2".
  • Used 9 buttons (spaced ~2/25" apart) instead of the 8 suggested in the pattern (as I had added length when doing the FBA).
Jenna version 1, buttoned view

I wasn't sure how removing the darts would work, but, as it was only a 1" FBA, I decided to give it a go. And I am super happy with the result! I am not sure how effective it would be if the FBA was any bigger though.

Jenna version 2, front view

The second version (also Variation A with long sleeves) is from a chocolate brown poly/lycra sweater knit from Fabric Mart. It was finished toward the end of December.

The only change to this one from the first was that I narrowed the sleeve width a bit. I just felt like my first one, the sleeves were looser than I wanted.

Jenna cardigans, sleeve comparisons

I very unscientifically trimmed, tapering the width starting from about 1" below the armscrye, ending at the hem where about 1.25" of fabric was removed from the width (and then I adjusted the sleeve bands accordingly before attaching). The picture above shows a comparison of the sleeves between the two versions.

Jenna version 2, back view

Construction on these was straightforward and the instructions were great. It is a very quick project to construct!

Jenna variation 2, side view

I wear these cardigans quite often. The chocolate one is already starting to pill as it has been in such regular rotation. LOVE.

Jenna version 2, full view

Recently, Muse released an add-on for the Jenna that includes a V-neck and collar variations. I snatched it up! More Jennas are definitely in my future.

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