Sunday, May 24, 2015

It doesn't always work.

I like to think that I'm pretty good at putting colors/fabrics together. But not everything works the way I think it will. Case in point:

not feeling this combo at all

On a whim, I started pulling fabrics from my stash. The colors all worked together. But in this configuration? Not so much. Washed-out weirdness (in person, it is even worse).

Feeling lazy, rather than fixing the "real" problem of the grey/yellow pieced blocks, I decided to try and make them work by finding a new focus fabric.

this combo is working better... at least there is contrast

Still not perfect, but soooo much better with some contrast in there. I think with some borders, this one is going to be okay. And at this point, okay is feeling pretty good to me.


  1. Yes, I think the 2nd layout works much better visually.

    1. Changing up the fabric made a big difference. And I've quilted the heck out of it, so I think that helps as well. I just got the binding fabric washed up-- so hopefully I can get it finished soon. I'm hoping the binding will pull it together even more. Crossing fingers!