Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tiramisu: A Sweet Success!

One of the best gifts I received this Mother's Day was the gift of time. My husband entertained the boys so I could have some daylight sewing hours (a rare treat!). I used the time to sew up my Cake Patterns Tiramisu dress.

Tiramisu - front view

I LOVE this dress. LOVE!!!!

Tiramisu - back view

I used a really lovely teal blue Sophia double knit from (which is still available! I may need to buy some more colors...).

Tiramisu - twirling action shot

It is drapey and has a beautiful weight to it, and is very soft. It also seems to have excellent recovery. And it twirls! (Well, as well as it can with me in 5" heels... but you get the idea.)

Tiramisu - side view

The instructions were straightforward-- clear and concise with some nice illustrations. Even more awesome though was the online support through Cake Patterns' Web site. Stephanie (the designer) hosted a Tiramisu sew-along when the pattern was released and the posts for that were so helpful! It takes you from cutting through construction to finishing with helpful photographs, tips, and videos. I especially appreciated Day 5 and all of the information offered about checking fit. It was a HUGE help and very effective. To wit:

Tiramisu - showing off front fit

No gaping!!! I had done a 1" FBA following Cake Patterns' instructions. But to get it to fit well, I ended up cutting about 1" from the bottom of the bodice, moving the center notch points out by 1" on either side, and then doing 7/8" side seams through the midriff band. (ETA: I started with the size 35D bodice and a 32.5 skirt.)

Tiramisu - pocket detail

In the sew-along, Stephanie suggested that decorative stitching can add a bit of fun to understitching. I gave it a try and love this little detail. Only I know it is there, but it makes me happy.

Tiramisu - side view with pocket action

And check out those pockets! I was afraid the pockets would drag or just make my hips look ginormous. But they are awesome.

Tiramisu - hem detail

I also braved the dreaded coverstitch machine and used it to finish the hem.

Tiramisu - front view

I love my Tiramisu. I love how it fits, how it feels, and how I feel in it: fabulous!!!


  1. Beautiful, girl, just beautiful! Keithy-poo needs to take you out somewhere nice for dinner to show off his trophy wife! ;-)

  2. I love it! Kinda has that Man Men throw back kinda feel to it! And you are looking great! :0)

  3. That is a gorgeous dress and fits you perfectly. I'm going to go look up that pattern.

    You look fantastic. Are you still running a lot? (I mean besides after your two boys?!)

  4. Nice job!!! Great dress and totally inspirational!

  5. you look great in that dress and what girl doesn't love to have a dress they can twirl in. :0)