Friday, May 10, 2013

Feeling dressy...

Last night, I finally took some time to cut out a couple dress patterns I've been wanting to make.

First up is the Cake Patterns Tiramisu knit dress:

my Tiramisu plan

I traced this pattern back in February, but needed to step away from it for a bit (my angst at putting together the .pdf pattern was just too great!). I'm using a beautiful teal double knit I purchased from last year. I'm excited to finally have it all cut out now and to give it a go!

Also on the docket is Vogue 1224:

my Vogue 1224 plan

For this one, I am using a beautiful border print jersey I purchased from Gorgeous Fabrics last summer (sadly no longer available).

They both seem to be relatively simple designs, so I am hopeful that I'll have a new dress (or two!) soon.

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