Sunday, October 16, 2011

Safari Happy!

I made something! Lately, crafting really has been my oasis. Recovering from our busy daytime routine results in me focusing my precious evening-times on crafting. So I've actually made a few things, even if I haven't found the energy to blog about it. Here's hoping that this post will help me turn a new leaf and start getting into a blogging routine again.

Anyway, I've been making stuff-- even quilts! This one is for Leander, the new baby brother of one of our preschool friends.

Safari Happy, front view
I used the "Storytime Squares Quilt" tutorial from made by Rae. It was super simple and very quick to put together!

Safari Happy, quilting detail
The print fabrics were leftover from a quilt I made a couple of years ago. The solids were in my stash. No new fabric was purchased in the making of this quilt. YAY!

Safari Happy, back
Being as it is a small quilt, I went ahead and practiced my quilting by doing some leafy vines and some simple curves in the blocks. I think it turned out pretty nice (though it is maybe a bit much design-wise considering the simplicity of the pattern).

Safari Happy quilt label
The baby's name is Leander, which is Greek for "Man of Lions." It inspired my fabric choices, and my label.

Big Bear the quilt holder
And look! I even had a special helper during my photo shoot. Big Bear loves getting involved whenever I get out the camera.

I hope baby Leander enjoys his new blankie!


  1. What an adorable quilt. I am sure it will be treasured forever.

    BB is a doll! I need to borrow him to hold up my quilts.

  2. Simple and yet how fun! Glad to see you pop on here for a moment!

  3. What a great pattern! I'll have to go check out the tutorial. Your helper sure is a cutie!

  4. Your machine quilting is getting really good. Also, I like your new image viewer :)

  5. Sweet and that is great that you made it from your stash.
    You have a very cute quilt holder peeking over that quilt.