Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tickertape Animals!

I finally got Felix's quilt finished this last weekend. I call it "Tickertape Animals."

Tickertape Animals, looking pretty outside
This is a fun, simple tutorial from Piece N Quilt called "Tranquil Baby." The pattern actually calls for a charm pack, but I just cut my own charm squares from a selection of 9 fat quarters. The only other change I made was to use Monica's method for preparing applique circles. I'm really happy with how it all came together.

Tickertape Animals, full front view
What with the big expanses of solid fabric, choosing a quilt design was really challenging for me. A stipple just wasn't going to cut it on this one!

Tickertape Animals, quilting detail
Inspired by a quilt I recently saw at During Quiet Time, I decided to try some letters. I used soapstone and wrote out the names of the animals that appear in the various fabrics: lion, frog, elephant, mouse, bird, giraffe, and spider. This worked great for the most part, but there were a couple areas in the middle of the quilt where the soapstone rubbed off and I couldn't read what I had written anymore. So I guessed, and ended up with a double "lion." Ah, well.

Tickertape Animals, a peek at the back
I backed the quilt with a soft flannel star print. The quilting shows up really well on it. Which looks just a little strange, since it's all backwards.

Tickertape Animals, label
And, here's the label.

Another note: I used a soy/cotton blend batting for the first time in making this quilt. It was "Soy Soft" from Luna Quilt Bating by Moda. I was really happy with how it worked. No bearding, no lint problems with my machine (after prewashing the batting, there was practically no lint in the dryer, even!), and the quilt is soft and supple. I also love that it is organic and has anti-bacterial properties (which seems a nice thing in a baby quilt). Definitely a good experiment.

I'm really excited to give this quilt to little Felix tomorrow!


  1. This is really sweet and I love the writing in the quilting!

  2. Felix will have fun with that quilt.
    I love flannel on the backs of quilts that are really going to be used.
    You did a great job on the writing.

  3. A wonderful quilt for Felix! Love the fabric and how you did the words. Clever! I will have to test out Soy Soft one day.

  4. SO cute! I love the label! Thank you for saying how you did the lettering. This is going to be one loved quilt.

  5. I love the way it turned out! Awesome job with the quilting. I imagine it went over well with Felix and his parents!

  6. Beautiful quilt! I love the blue and brown color combination :) Baby Felix is a lucky boy!!!

  7. Very cute! I love the fabrics that you've used and I love how you've quilted this, a great idea!