Sunday, May 29, 2011

Book sling!

Big Bear loves books and reading. When he started sleeping in his big boy twin-size bed, we set up a bed rail. He started using it as a place to store all of his books-- he'd stand them up between the rail and the mattress, making them very convenient for bedtime reading.

Last week we took the bed rail down, and ran into a problem: what to do about all of BB's nighttime reading? He was still keeping the books in bed with him, and getting slept on every night was definitely taking a toll on the books (particularly the paperbacks). Then I found the perfect solution:

Tutorial: hanging book display
at Penny Carnival.

new book sling!
We went fabric shopping and BB helped me pick out this fun home dec weight cotton. After a quick trip to the hardware store for hangers and dowels, it was about an hour of work getting everything sewn and hardware installed. (Many thanks to my handy husband who did all non-sewing stuff!)

book sling action shot
Super quick and easy, inexpensive, and exactly what we needed. Perfect!


  1. What a great solution! I do love that he picked out his own fabric!! There is nothing that can replace the love of reading for a chld!!

  2. I love it! So nice to have close reading material close by. Is that dot fabric by Dwell Studio?

  3. Perfect! indeed. I think that is so great that he loves books.

  4. I have never heard or have seen such a thing. What a brilliant idea!

  5. What a great solution and super cute too!

  6. I love this! This would be great in any room. i may put one up in my sewing area, since I don't have alot of space to keep quilting books! How fun!

  7. Awesome! The quilt is super cute. I remember you sharing it awhile ago :)