Monday, May 9, 2011

Angry Birds fierceness!

Last week wasn't a very productive blogging week for me. A long-time friend came cross-country to visit, so I spent my week focused on that. However, there was still some crafting fun!

Inspired both by Big Bear's passion for the video game Angry Birds, as well as the incredibly creative work of Kristan at Confessions of a Cookbook Queen, I really wanted to make some Angry Bird cupcakes. Normally, I would never venture to try something as elaborate as this, but my visiting friend, Jarred, has mad cake decorating skillz. I knew we could do it!

So we baked some cupcakes (Yellow Spiced Cupcakes from the Fannie Farmer Baking Book... yummy!), bought some doughnut holes, and shopped for a variety of candy. Then we got to decorating.

cupcake closeups
Using Kristan's cupcakes as a starting point, we created our versions of the red birds, green piggies (known as "Penny Pigs" at my house), and yellow birds (known as "Nerb Gobs" at my house). The Nerb Gobs were definitely the most challenging as they are triangular-shaped. So instead of using a doughnut hole, we carved some extra cupcakes to size. It worked really well!

Behold the Angry Bird cupcake army!

Robin and Jarred with an army of Angry Bird cupcakes
And that's Jarred and I smiling in the background (I'll spare you our embarrassingly bad attempts at trying to look fierce like angry birds.)

The next morning, Big Bear enjoyed a Nerb Gob for breakfast.

Big Bear and his Angry Bird breakfast
He was definitely a happy customer!


  1. LOL, all I can think about is the app with the Angry Birds in it now...what great cupcakes!

    And you are such a WAY cool mom to allow them for breakfast!!

  2. those are great! What a fun project with a visiting friend!

  3. Very cute! You did a great job and Big Bear looks happy!

  4. Really Cute! you guys did a great job. Using donut holes was a smart idea. Also, love your friend's Murloco's shirt! :)

  5. Amazing! Great job - they look just like in the game!

  6. I love Angry Birds! Those are just too cute and look tasty too.

  7. As a fellow Angry Birds addict, I think you did an amazing job! Wow!
    Now if only I could smash those piggies as easily as it would be to eat them. LOL

  8. These are absolutely perfect! You'll have to ask if your friend can help me; I think Ryan may want these for his birthday. :-)