Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Birthday Bear!

Today is Little Bear's first birthday!!!

To celebrate, we had a little family party on Saturday.

There were cupcakes, of course.

birthday cupcakes
These are vanilla cupcakes with chocolate buttercream, ala Joy the Baker. Yum! (Especially the buttercream... mmmm....)

birthday bear eats cupcake
Little Bear seemed to enjoy them as well. Nom nom nom...

And there was also a special birthday hat, made by mama:

mama and her little bear with hat
It's another Reversible Bucket Hat by Betz White. I used a cute zoo animal print on one side, and a poly/cotton denim on the reverse. This is my third version of this hat. I love this design!

I can hardly believe how quickly the time has flown.

First Birthday
Happy Birthday, Little Bear!!!

With love,


  1. Yay Little Bear! Happy Birthday!! Those cupcakes look yummy!

  2. What a doll!

    Happy Birthday Little Bear!

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday Little Bear!!

  4. Adorable picture of you and Little Bear! That year sure went by fast.

  5. It seams like you just had him! Crazy. The hat is cute on him and I love your hair :)

  6. Happy Birthday Little Bear!! How fun and yummy it all looks!!

  7. Hard to believe it has been a year already. He is super cute in that hat.

  8. A year old already. I can't believe how the year has flown by too. He is so cute in his hat.

  9. first birthday already?! That's incredible. Looks like it was a great party :)