Friday, June 19, 2009

Playtime: the sailboat

I've slowed down on my BOMs since I started gaming again, but I haven't stopped entirely. A couple weeks ago, I managed to complete another Playtime block, the sailboat.

The most challenging aspect of this block was that the pieces were so large. I'd never appliqued such large pieces before! The block is 16" x 18". It is a good thing I cut the background larger, because I did have some shrinkage occur as I appliqued, probably because I didn't baste the large pieces as well as I should have. Another challenge in this block was the pattern itself-- there was no full-size diagram for this one. Each of the various pieces were on separate sheets, and then I had to kind of figure out placement. Even more confusing was that the mast piece wasn't among the pattern pieces or even mentioned in the directions... I had to guess on that one. The fabric requirements referenced the mast, saying that it required a 1" x 13" strip. I took that to mean that the final mast should be .5" wide, and kind of went from there. Thankfully it worked out in the end, but I really think that omission was a pattern error.

The left sail in the sample quilt was made from a cool, wide striped fabric. I didn't have any such fabric. So, to get the nifty striped look on my left sail, I cut and sewed strips of the yellow solid fabric to the striped fabric. Then I cut out the sail shape from my "new" fabric and appliqued it in place.

Next up for this quilt is the abacus block. I'm kind of procrastinating on it because it involves lots of circles. Eep!


  1. It looks great! You are so ingenuitive :)

  2. It was really worth the trouble though. Love what you did with the sail.

  3. You did a wonderful job. Looks great!

  4. That looks great!

    I almost bought a Wii yesterday but I thought I had better not. LOL!

  5. I really love the way these are all turning out! Way to go on figuring out the mast like that ... I'm impressed! :)

  6. That is so cute! I love it.