Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Purple Patchwork Panda

The fact that I've been slacking off and playing video games instead of using my time productively and finishing projects has not stopped me from starting a new project. When I saw this fabulous panda at AJ Quilts and found out that there was going to be a quilt-along too, I just could NOT resist.

AJ Designs patchwork panda
How cute is that??? There are more friends with babies on the way, and this fellow will be perfect for one of them.

AJ posted multiple color options for inspiration, but I just loved the one above. I think it is a fun gender-neutral option, which is perfect for the little mystery-baby due in June. As a bonus, I actually have those colors in my stash:

Panda fabrics
Week 4 of the quilt-along has been posted. Of course, I'm a little behind. I just finished week 1:

Panda head, week 1

Hopefully, I'll be able to do some more catch-up over the weekend.


  1. that's adorable!

    I play those darn games on my Itouch. Time flies when your having that much fun. LOL

  2. So cute! I thought about doing this one.

  3. What a sweet baby quilt that will be.

  4. Yes, it will make a great baby quilt.

  5. Do you by chance you still have the measurements for everything for the panda

    1. Unfortunately, jen jen, I do not have the measurements anymore. :( I only ever planned to make one, and on one of my many sewing room purges, I recycled my printouts with the instructions.

    2. I found the notes I made for cutting the pieces. I will try to make this soon