Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pretty Petals

Yay!!! I finished the coin quilt! Thanks everyone for the positive thoughts-- they really helped motivate me to get off my duff and just do it!

Pretty Petals quilt
I'm calling it Pretty Petals.

Pretty Petals quilt front
Amandajean's Stacked Coins Baby Quilt pattern (available through the Moda Bake Shop-- a great resource!) was just awesome, and really does make a perfect baby quilt.

Pretty Petals quilting detail
I decided that with all of the various fabrics and the narrow strips between them, I'd just go with an all-over stipple. Simple and effective, I think. For some reason, I got it into my brain that it would be better not to use my stitch regulator. But it turned out alright (so what if the stitches are a little big, right?).

Pretty Petals quilt back
Another awesome thing about this quilt: it was nearly all made from stash! The only fabric I purchased was 1/3 yard of the Alexander Henry multi-color floral print (because it had all of the colors I wanted to use in one fabric). And I used every bit of that.

Pretty Petals quilt label
I really hope baby Claire likes her new quilt!


  1. It's very pretty, I love it.

  2. Good for you! It's so beautiful! Lucky, lucky baby. :-)

  3. It's just georgous! I've been waiting to see this finished, and it's been well worth it!
    Best wishes,

  4. That is sooooo cute...great job! The label is just as sweet...well done.

  5. That is beautiful and I love the label you made for it!

  6. I love it! I want to call in sick and stay home and make one.

  7. That is so pretty! I'm going to have to make one.

  8. Yay, that thirty inches went faster than you thought. LOL I love it.

  9. Lovely quilt and such a pretty label.

  10. So pretty! I love the colors.

  11. it looks so gorgeous! makes me ALMOST want to start another project ... but I promised the hubs no new things until I finish a few old ones first ...