Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Simplicity 1783 - Part 1

Simplicity 1783, pattern cover from
I've been continuing to follow my garment-sewing mojo and last week I made a couple of pieces from Simplicity 1783. This post will focus on View B-- the short-sleeved top.

S1783 view B, front view on hanger
What drew me to the design were the lines-- the pleats and darts looked lovely in the line drawings and the top seemed to have a nice shape to it.

S1783 view B, back view on hanger
The pattern is designed for a woven fabric and includes a side zipper. But since I decided to use a lovely crepe jersey knit that I had in my stash, I omitted the zipper. Though I'm not sure I would even have needed it in a woven as the top is not really fitted and can easily go over my head with no stretching. I cut out a straight size 16 with no alterations.

S1783 view B, my fabulous first-ever thread loop
I also liked the feminine button-loop closure on the back. And it was a new technique for me-- so that was fun too! I used Vogue Sewing (a wonderful reference book!) to guide me in making the thread loop and it worked like a charm. Yay!

S1783 view B, front view
Unfortunately, what looks good in the line drawings and on the hanger does not necessarily work for every shape. It is just okay for me. It is not horrible or anything, but I think the pleats just don't work quite right with the boobage. I actually ended up tacking down the center pleat at the 'V' as it is pretty open on me and I can just envision stuff dropping right down into the pit. My husband noticed that aspect right away and told me he thought it would work well as a crumb catcher. :P

S1783 view B, back view
As the jersey not opaque, I decided to use French seams. It is very prettily finished on the inside and the seams look very nice from the outside as well. But it made for some obnoxious bulk when I attempted my narrow hem at the bottom not to mention the bulk of the pleats as well. I really wish my hem were smoother and more even.

S1783 view B, front view 2
On the bright side, I tried a couple of new techniques (French seams, thread loop closure) and was really pleased with how well they worked out. So I definitely learned a bit. And the top is wearable (I'm wearing it right now, in fact... we'll see at the end of the day how full my pleat is. Ha!). I just don't love it.

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  1. you have been busy sewing up a storm for yourself. Very nice skirt and blouse. Both do look good on you.
    I can't believe Big Bear going to be 7!