Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A not-quite-successful challenge...

Nothing But UFOs in 2013 button

It is true. I did not manage to finish a single one of my three challenge projects. Heck, I didn't even manage to do any blogging! But you know what? I'm still feeling like a winner, because I made progress on each of the three projects I chose.

1. Fall Mystery Quilt:

Fall Mystery Quilt binding in progress

It is now quilted (with some feathers, even!), I'm about 2/3 through the binding, and the label is made. Not done, but very close!

2. Bot Camp Disappearing 9-Patch:

Bot Camp baby quilt ready for binding

All quilted up and ready for binding (I'm going to use that happy Kona Peacock pictured above). I've also designed the label, but am waiting for our friend's baby to be born so I can personalize it (he's due this week!).

3. Mod Mosaic Quilt:

Mod Mosaic basted and rolled up like a burrito, ready for some quilting action

Once I get the binding on the baby quilt, this one is next in the queue for quilting. But I consider this definite progress. Basting is half the battle, right?

Nothing finished, but a good amount of progress. And if it weren't for the challenge, there is no way I would have gotten this much accomplished. As far as I'm concerned, this challenge has definitely been a success. Thanks, Carrie P.!

Here's hopin' I have some finished quilts to share soon!


  1. Robin,
    you got a lot done. And you can actually enter the giveaway. I was looking at what you listed at the beginning of July. You got the fall quilt quilted so that qualifies to enter the giveaway.
    The 2nd quilt is further than you mentioned so there is another finish,
    You did good even though you thought you didn't.
    So if you want to link up you have time.

  2. Hey Robin,
    your are not going to believe this but my daughter pulled your name as the winner this past month for finishing a goal on your UFOs. Email me your address sometime.

  3. You know what - forward motion is what really counts!! The quilting on the fall quilt looks wonderful - can't wait to see the front. :D