Saturday, June 1, 2013

Attacking UFOs!

Consumed by UFO guilt, I have spent the last week focusing on those unfinished projects. And I've been productive!

I got the borders on my Spring Mystery Quilt:

Spring Mystery Quilt - completed top

The backing has also been made and now it is ready for basting.

Still in the UFO spirit, I pulled out my guild block exchange from 2011. For that I had requested everyone make "Mod Mosaic" blocks following Elizabeth Hartman's tutorial. I ended up with 11 bright and happy blocks.

block exchange mod mosaic blocks

I started by framing each block with a white border. Then my husband helped me tape a footprint on the wall of the intended size of the quilt.

adding background to create my mod mosaic quilt

I placed my blocks in the footprint and then started filling in the background (forgive the blurry cell phone picture). Many thanks to Elizabeth Hartman for the tutorial on making a floating blocks quilt!

completed mod mosaic top

Woo! Another finished top! I also completed the backing for this, so it too is ready for basting.

Finally, I went ahead and cut 5" squares from the fabric remaining from that project.

slicing up a 9-patch

I made 9-patches and then did some slicing and dicing.

Botcamp Baby - completed top

And now I have a completed disappearing 9-patch baby quilt top! I've also finished the backing for this one, so it is also ready for basting.


What to tackle next? More UFOs? Or maybe I should baste 'em up and quilt some of these? Or is my guilt assuaged enough that I can finally start something new? Hmmm....


  1. New! New!!

    OK, why not baste one and start something new.

  2. Love all the progress! Congrats! I really like how you finished the floating blocks!

  3. Awesome tops! I think your should baste at least one and start quilting so it will not be a UFO anymore.
    And start something new!
    Feel free to link up your UFOs on my blog for the month of June.

  4. Love these quilt tops!!! You've inspired me to get back to some of my UFOs!!