Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Quilt Fest: a little bit of eye candy!

Mikki and I spent a good five hours last Friday wandering through exhibits and vendors at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, just taking it all in (we spent a few hours on other days too... but the bulk was on Friday). Though I had my camera, I didn't take too many pictures (and that was only partly because I was chastised for taking a picture in a no-photo zone... oops!-- but I deleted that one right away). There is just so much to look at that pictures tend to be an afterthought. And it is often very crowded, so getting a decent shot can be very challenging. But I do have a little bit of eye candy to share (I've also included the artist information in each photo):

Bouquet by Keiko Morihiro-- all those tiny little bricks in the border? Each and every one was hand appliqued. Gorgeous, meticulous work. Truly.

An Unexpected Pleasure by Nancy Arseneault-- not sure what to do with those orphan blocks you have laying about? Well, this quilter found inspiration in many places and then took hers to the next level. Gorgeous!

Happy Birthday by Harumi Asada-- sappy mama that I am, this quilt actually brought tears to my eyes. Such a beautiful tribute to her granddaughter (I just love how the quilter integrated the photos through the design). And look-- there's Mikki! Hi, Mikki!

Alpha Quilt by Becky A. Grover-- how fun is this quilt? I just love the quilting in this. Such an awesome idea and beautifully executed.

B.S. I Love You by Janet Stone-- the look of this quilt really appealed to me. The applique is gorgeous. And that checkered background? Pieced. Lots and lots of little squares. Totally awesome.

Portland Reflection by Gay Ousley-- this is one I could just look at all day. Peaceful, harmonious, beautiful... I love it.

Sometimes we were in awe, sometimes we felt woefully inadequate-- but at all times, we were inspired. It was fabulous! We didn't see everything, but I think we both felt like we got a great view of much of what was available. And, best of all, I got to reconnect with my friend. It was an awesome adventure.


  1. Sigh, you lucky duck to see the show. I had a look at some photos online somewhere and the quilts are incredible. I'm very partial to the Japanese ones.

  2. I am so jealous! Thanks for sharing. I can't even imagine the time it takes to make one of those quilts, not to mention the artistic talent.

  3. Thanks for sharing, it's always inspiring seeing other peoples quilts. Love the Alpha quilt as well.

  4. Doesn't it just amaze you at the talents some people have? Amazing, and it looks like you had a great time!

  5. OH, you lucky girl! I can only imagine how fabulous it was to see those quilts in person. They are all stunning. I really am amazed by the first one. WOW!

  6. Talk about some amazing quilts. I am glad you got to go see them :)