Friday, April 16, 2010

A whole lot of nothin'

The title pretty much sums it up over here. No baby. No craftiness. Just big belly and swollen sausage-fingers. Lots of tiredness too. Last night, I did get to go to the Moda Greenpiece BOM meeting at my local quilt shop, which is always fun. Unfortunately, it is also the first month that I didn't manage to get all my blocks done. Boo! At least I finished the pieced block for the month.

Greenpiece pieced block 7:

Greenpiece pieced block 7

I still have two applique blocks to complete in addition to the new blocks I received yesterday. I'm not making any bets as to when they'll get done though!


  1. I think it's officially time for a hiatus, dear! You need to take care of yourself for the last few precious moments you get to do that for awhile! :-) Just start posting photos of your belly and then the baby, and that will keep everyone entertained until sausage fingers return to sewing fingers!

  2. Poor Robin! Hope things get better soon.

  3. I agree with piececorps :) But the blocks look great. I really like this pattern kindof a modified pinwheel.

  4. I keep looking and wondering if the next thing we will hear is that you have a new baby! We are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers for an easy delivery.

  5. And there you still are! I'm anxiously waiting for a little blog break and then a big announcement.