Thursday, November 19, 2015

Striped Kimono Tee

While there is definitely sewing going on here, and even finishes(!), I seem to be having problems actually taking pictures of my stuff. I even made a Halloween costume for me, but failed to get decent pictures. So there is a bit of a backlog at this point. Hopefully, I'll start catching up soon! Anyway...

At the beginning of October (as a sort of Halloween costume sewing warm-up), I sewed up a couple of tops. This was the first:

striped kimono tee, front view

The fabric is a Misty Stretch Slub Jersey Stripe Pink/Multi, 96% Poly/4% Lycra ITY knit I picked up from last year. I was initially thinking it for a skirt, but it is a pretty thin, drape-y knit that seemed better-suited to a t-shirt (i.e., I didn't want to have to do a lining). Enter the MariaDenmark Kimono T-Shirt pattern (which is currently a free download when you sign up for her newsletter). Note that there are no seam allowances included in this pattern. I arbitrarily decided to add 3/8" seam allowances.

striped kimono tee, back view

I made a quick and dirty muslin of the size Large a few months ago (no pictures of that) and determined I wanted/needed to do an FBA. Conveniently enough, MariaDenmark even has instructions for doing a dartless FBA.

striped kimono tee, side view

I think it worked pretty well! I really like the way this fits on me. And, while not perfect, I am definitely pleased with the stripe matching I managed. I made sure to stabilize the shoulder seams with some nylon stay tape and also used a knit fusible stay tape along the neckline. I used my coverstitch machine for the hems.

striped kimono tee, side view 2

Love it!!! I have been wearing this top every week since I completed it. I definitely want to make more and have my eyes peeled for potential fabric candidates.


  1. Lovely stripe matching! And the fit is perfect.

    This really is a great pattern. I've sewn countless versions myself!

    1. Thank you! It is a great pattern-- what took me so long??? Must sew more... :)

  2. 8T looks great!! I so need to try to make my own shirts!! I'm SUCH a tough fit!! I have lost 30 lbs (and of course we have been taking measurements) and mine are horrid ti try to fit!! Bust 44 chest 37 waist 40 hips 40!! I'm like a square with boobs!! LOL thanks for this link maybe I will try my hand with a shirt!!

    1. Thanks!!! Congrats on your weight loss! That is awesome. But it is like starting all over, isn't it? NOTHING fits the same way it used to. It's why sewing can be so great-- you can make it to really fit YOU! If only it didn't take so danged long... :P