Sunday, June 21, 2015

Birthday gifts

We've celebrated a couple of birthdays lately-- meaning more Personalized Name Pillows pattern from Kimberbell Designs!

Flynn's favorite color is green:

Flynn's pillow, front view

I used a green dimple dot on the back. So soft!

Flynn's pillow, top view

Max's favorite color is white.

Max's pillow, front view

I couldn't bring myself to make a white pillow for a 5 year old, so I went with blue (a second favorite) and silver (which is kind of white-ish, right?).

Max's pillow, detail view

I used a cool textured silver lame for the star accents.

Max's pillow, top view

The back has a silver-grey minkee stripe. Super cozy!

As ever, the pillows were fun to make and were received with great cheer. Truly, this pattern is fabulous!!!


  1. Great pillows. I think they make great gifts.

    1. They have been a hit with the toddler/preschool crowd-- including my own boys! :) And now that I've done so many, I'm pretty efficient at putting them together, which is a big bonus.