Thursday, September 3, 2009

A happy discovery

Behold, the blindhem foot (Bernina #5)!!! Holy cow.

Bernina number 5 foot
I've never done a blind hem. But I bought the foot back when I took the Mastering Your Bernina class series after purchasing my machine (a Bernina Aurora 440 QE). You know-- those classes where they show you all of the nifty accessories and then you end up buying a whole bunch of them but then never actually use them? (Or is that just me?) But as of right now, this foot has definitely earned its keep.

The other day, I found myself needing a piece of batting. I started to open up a new package when I found two pieces that would work perfectly if stitched together. I've pieced together plenty of batting in my time, so this isn't the exciting part. Usually, I use a wide zigzag on my machine and just put it on through. This works okay, but there's usually puckering and some overlapping of the edges. So I decided to peruse my accessories and see what I could find to make it easier to keep the edges together, and came across my long-forgotten blindhem foot.

I fed the batting through, and then it was like the foot pulled the edges together as they got under the needle, leading to a perfectly aligned stitch.

Part of why it works so well, I think, is because there is a little raised bar that goes all the way to the back of the foot. The thread goes over that bar, leaving just a little wee bit of give in the stitch. With the thickness of the batting, that meant there was no pulling or stretching at all and the stitches lay smooth and flat. My batting was pieced together perfectly.

A happy discovery, indeed!


  1. Grats! I wish I had that foot :)

  2. This is awesome. I've used lovely #5 for an actual blind hem, but this is genius. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Youa re quite the smarty! Thanks for sharing. =]

  4. Pretty nifty. I learned about the different feet that came with my machine a long time ago. I should see what I have since I haven't used them before.

  5. Nice! I have a foot that looks kinda like that. I wonder if that's what it's for? I should really read the manual one of these days. :-)