Thursday, August 6, 2009

Why I should not sew when sleepy...

This month's block exchange block:

block exchange, Sue's block oops

This month's actual block exchange block:

block exchange, Sue's block

Sigh... But at least I saw the mistake before I turned it in! This quilter included a picture of what she planned to do with these blocks, which was fun to see. Very cute! She included the blue, the leafy batik, and the center sunflower print, and then left it to us to choose our own brown/gold accents. I thought that was a fun idea.

The block exchange is almost complete! I should be receiving my box back in September. I'm excited to see what I get back! (Don't know what a block exchange is? Check out this post for an explanation.)


  1. lol I think we all do that at some point. I think I actually like the first block better :P

  2. We should all post the blocks we blooper when we are tired. I do them when I am wide awake too!

    I kinda like the first one better too. LOL

  3. One thing we teach in our classes is don't sew when tired...but ya know we just have to finish it :)

    Lovely blocks, I love sunflowers!

  4. Pretty! Yes, don't sew when sleepy. That being said I have a deadline coming up and will probably be sewing while sleepy tonight. Wish me luck.

  5. We all make mistakes. Good thing you caught it.